Why You Should Read Reviews about New Bookmakers

New bookmakers can offer you great benefits when you’re choosing new betting website to create an account with, but they also come with risks. There are certain things you are better off knowing about a bookie before you sign up to their service. How can you find this information? The most honest way to find any info about a new bookmaker is to look for user reviews of the site.


    • How well the site works

Some new sites are not set up well enough, making them awkward to use or buggy. This is the last thing you want to worry about when you’re placing bets with real money at stake! Reviews won’t always mention how the site works, but they will definitely mention if it DOESN’T work well.

    • If the site is trustworthy

Sites that do shady things or make users lose their trust will have a lot of negative reviews online. It’s good to pay attention to how the review talks about the trustworthiness, as some people rant about sites simply because they lost money on a poorly placed bet. However, if there are enough reviewers saying that they thought the site was a bit untrustworthy you are better off staying away from it.

    • Speed and reliability of payments

The last thing you want is to not receive your payout or to get it a month or more after you request it. Most reviewers that have been using a site will let everyone know how the payment system was and what their experience with it was like.

    • Quality of customer service

Customer service isn’t always a major issue with a betting site, but when you need to speak with them it’s best that you know what you’re getting yourself into. Just like with site issues, you might not hear a lot about customer service unless it’s bad. If you can’t find any info about them, it may be safe to assume they are okay in this area.


Betting is never a sure thing, but why is it that so many people lose when placing bets on new betting sites? There are a few things that can affect the quality of someone’s bets, all of which are pretty universal to new and old sites, but one thing that can be unique to new betting sites is the great promotions.


Promotions that are too good can sometimes cause people to bet carelessly, leaving them with small winnings after a whole lot of bets placed. Here are a few of the promotions that can really trap people in new accounts and cause them to lose more:

    • Free bets

When the sports betting site itself gives you money for bets or a certain number of free bets, you might be more inclined to place those on matches with higher odds. The reason is that you’re not technically paying for the bets, so you don’t mind the risk of losing the cash. Unfortunately, you may continue to place risky bets even after the free bets are out because you got used to the high odds!

    • Signup bonuses

Just like free bets, signup bonuses are free money in your account, given by the website itself. It can be very tempting to place this on risky bets that you would never consider with your own money.

    • Enhanced odds

When odds are enhanced, you will receive a bigger payout if you win the bet. Enhanced odds are usually for specific games or teams. Because the website bookies are smart, they place these odds on games that might go either way in order to attract you to bets you may not normally consider. High odds are hard to resist.


To be more successful on new betting sites, try to plan out a sports betting strategy and stick to it. Being consistent in how you bet, even when promotions are being used, can help you succeed more often and lose bets less frequently.